Adam Střelec

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Adam Střelec

…work with wood…feel the fragrance…make something extraordinary…

My name is Adam Střelec. I come from Lískovec the small village near the city of Frýdek-Místek. I enjoy working with wood since my study. I graduated in wood procesing high school and I am trained in joiner´s work. Nowadays my work is focused on accurate cabinet maker craft.

My passion for handwork with wood brought me a new ability. I tried different technique for example intarsia, marquetry, wood carving, shellac varnish etc.
I want to improve my skills and make this lovely craft as a full time job.

I look for authentic essence of wood because I prefer natural shape and authentic curve of wood. I love exotic woody plants for example Palisander, Ebony, various type of tree´s root etc. But I like Czech typical wood like Plum tree, Maple, Walnut tree too.